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Download this form. Print, Sign, Scan and email it to us for digital registration. (


We have been caring for horses for many years and we offer attentive expert horse care for our boarders. At this time we are only accepting full service boarding. Board includes grain, hay, and the items listed below. Call (757) 291-3207 for more information.

Board Includes: 

  • Access to Lit, sand, all-purpose riding arena equipped with jumps (when not in use for lessons) and a metal pannel round pen

  • Open field for cross country riding

  • Fly predators in all stalls and pastures

  • 3 and 4 strand electrobraid fencing for pastured and paddock where horses are turned out in small groups

  • Horses and ponies are brought in during incliement weather (extreme heat or cold, storms, snow, etc.) but are otherwise kept in the fields 

  • 12x12 matted stalls (with fans during the warmer months)

  • No extra charge for giving supplements in addition to grain

  • Coordination of veterinarian and farrier services

  • Board discount for use of horse in lesson program

  • Lesson package available starting at $45/ hour

  • Available trailer parking and tack storage areas


Riders interested in leasing a horse must first demonstrate good barn manners and responsibility in their handling of horses as well as good, safe riding skills.  Riders taking at least 12 lessons a month (3x per week) and meeting the basic requirements listed above are eligible to lease a horse. Half leasing is $500 per month to be paid on the 1st of the month. 


  • What are the benefits of leasing or half leasing a horse, as opposed to owning a horse outright? A rider is able to enjoy a horse without all of the responsibilities of owning a horse. 

  • When a rider advances beyond the level, age, or size of the horse, they do not have a horse they have to sell in order to upgrade.

  • The opportunity to ride when you want (limited only by barn hours and courtesy during large group lesson times)

  • Priority scheduling for lessons and makeup lessons.

  • When you must move on from a horse you grow to love, you don't have to wonder where it goes when you are riding another horse. You can always come back and visit!

  • If you think you want a horse but are not quite sure about committing to buying one, leasing or half-leasing a horse is an excellent option to gain preparatory experience for the responsibility of owning a horse!

  • If your high school student just needs a horse to ride on an equestrian team for 12 weeks... THIS is perfect!

  • Full Lease starting at $700 and you get to enjoy all the benefits of having your own horse with out vet or farrier bills.  When you fully lease one of our horses no one else will ride your horse.  

  • YS reserves the right to terminate half or full leases for any reason.


Yorktown Stables offers private and group lessons on your horses or ours. Multiple lesson discounts with lesson packages are available. Our horses and ponies are seasoned show horses and are not your typical school horses. We are here to make your horse riding dreams come true! Call today for your introductory lesson and see if we are a good fit! We love what we do here at YS and hope you will come to love the horse and the sport as much as we do! 

Lessons on your own horse- $45/hour

Pay as you go- $65 per lesson

Monthly Lesson package -$250- includes 1 lesson a week for 4 weeks or $450- includes 2 lessons a week for 4 weeks

Half Lease- $500- includes 12 lessons a month

Full Lease-$700- includes 12 lessons a month on the same horse plus an additional 2 hack days per week

Cancellations, No-Shows and Re-schedule Policies
Please do not assume that your lesson has been canceled due to weather.  In place of your riding in the ring, there will be a hands-on horsemanship class. This is very important to becoming a better horseman and/or horsewoman.

  • No refunds or rescheduling will be offered for missed lessons.

  • A 48-hour notice is required to reschedule private lessons (this includes individuals with pre-paid packages).

  • Lessons will be canceled in the case of inclement weather and footing.

***  If your scheduled instructor is not available the day of your lesson, you will be notified of your alternate instructor or be contacted by phone to be rescheduled.

Dress Code
ASTM/SEI certified hunt caps and boots with heels are mandatory when mounted. Paddock boots and chaps or boots and breeches are preferred. Hats are to be worn by children under the ages of 18 years at all times when grooming or leading a horse or pony. Jodhpur pants and paddock shoes are appropriate for young children. Hair should be neatly hidden under hat with clips or hairnets. Tank tops and shorts are not considered proper attire.

*All Lesson Packages Are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable and expire 6 months from date of purchase.

Supply List for Lessons -ASTEM Approved helmets are provided by YS.
(Responsibility of Rider)

  • Leather Paddock Boots 

  • Jeans/Riding Pants & Half-Chaps 

  • Hair Neatly Tied Back or Braided

If you are interested in lessons and becoming a better partner for the horse(s) in your life, please call to make arrangements to visit our stable. To schedule an appointment, contact owner, Kristen Paster, at  (757) 291-3207. Please text for quickest response. 


 * Please download the liability form and have filled out prior to your first lesson.

Disclaimer: Yorktown Stables Right to Accept or Reject Boarders, Lessees, or Lesson Students: Notwithstanding any agreement of any kind in which Yorktown Stables is a party, Yorktown Stables expressly retains and reserves the absolute right and privilege to deny or reject any application or request by any person to board a horse(s), lease a horse(s), or take lessons at the stable facilities for any reason whatsoever, in their sole and absolute discretion.  


Yorktown Stable’s Camp program focuses on multiple Equestrian Disciplines (Hunter / Jumper / Dressage / Cross Country) as well as deepen your understanding and passion for horses. We devote ourselves to educating & introducing proper horsemanship while personally catering to all ages and all experience levels.

Daily riding and grooming will be required for all participants. Advanced riders will be offered instructions in hunter, dressage, and/ or an intro to cross country sessions.

Join us for a fun, educational and hands-on experience with the horses!

This years summer camps are:

April 1-5, 2024

June 17-21, 2024

July 15-19, 2024

August TBD

August TBD


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